About Us

World Adventures by Optucorp is a professional organization that provides a fun and educational tour aboard our amazing Slingshots into the depths of the Everglades and more specially the Big Cypress National Preserve. We are licensed and insured, with clients such as NASA and Orange County Public Schools and manage eco-friendly tours within the U.S. and abroad.

The Everglades & BIG Cypress, located just west of Miami, Florida and is one of the most protected preserve in the U.S. It includes great trails, campgrounds, and more than thousands of mysterious places. It protects the one of the biggest alligator population in the US, White-tailed Deer, the rare fox squirrel and many other small animals.

Slingshot R, Master the road with an adrenaline-charged driving experience like no other, this futuristic vehicle offers you the best option to cruise the Everglades like no other.

Slingshot SL, On long trips, you'll appreciate the added wind protection and convenience of the sports windshield, integrated wireless stereo, luxurious interiors and many other features.

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